x86 – TP600

The TP600 is a very high performance PC/104-Plus processor module. The TP600 is based on the AMD Geode™ LX800 @ 0.9W CPU providing a highly integrated Pentium Class processor module. Its high speed and extremely low power consumption make it ideal for use in processor intensive applications requiring rugged construction and short time to market.

x86 – TP600


The TP600 is specifically designed for use in an embedded environment. Measuring just 90x96mm and offering all the functions of a normal PC and more - it is ideal for use where space is restricted. Its PC software compatibility ensures easy program development.

The TP600 uses the Geode LX800 enhanced processor and achieves a typical power consumption of 0.9A at 5V when running at 500MHz. TP600 offers fanless operation in many systems.

The TP600 is a mighty powerhouse packed into a tiny space. Operating at 500MHz TP600 is designed to deliver processing power in a small package. Direct support for industry standard 10/100 Base-T Ethernet networking is available.

The TP600 is designed, manufactured and supported in the United Kingdom. It has been engineered specifically for high performance embedded applications. TP600 can offer a completely solid state solution which combined with its amazingly low power consumption gives high reliability in the toughest environments. The TP600 has a rich feature set which includes: Audio (AC97), HDD via IDE, FDD, USB, PC compatible Serial I/O, RTC & Watchdog, up to 1GB via a SODDIM connector, a Compact Flash connector for OS and application and Ethernet (10/100BASE-T).

The TP600 can support Flat panel displays and CRTs simultaneously and supports a wide range of resolutions across both formats. Connectors for both PC/104 and PC/104Plus supporting the PC 16bit ISA and 32bit PCI bus. The connectors allow the stacking of multiple peripheral boards.

The TP600 supports many PC compatible X86 operating systems such as: Microsoft’s Windows XPembedded, Linux, DOS, QNX, and VxWorks.


  • AMD Geode x86 LX Processor @400 Mhz
  • User-installable SODIMM from 128M, 256M, 512M up to 1G
  • BIOS installed in a 1MB Flash
  • 2MB Flash Storage
  • 512B EEPROM for setup parameters
  • VGA CRT at resolution up to 1280x1024
  • TFT Display at resolution up to 1024x768
  • 10/100 Ethernet Controller
  • 4x RS232 Ports and COM2 reconfigurable as RS485
  • 1xPrinter Port (full-function Centronics compatible)
  • Keyboard, PS/2 mouse and speaker port
  • AC97 Codec
  • PC/104+ Expansion Connector and PCI Connector
  • Support Compact Flash Cards through adaptor board
  • IDE Connector & Legacy Floppy Disk Interface
  • 2x Full speed USB Port
  • Reset, power supply monitor and watchdog timer
  • 4x12-bit ADC
  • Battery backed Calendar/clock chip
  • Single 5.0VDC Input
  • LaunchPad to support WinCE 6.0

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