MIPS – Aurora AA1100

Not recommended for new design.

AA1100 is a low power, high performance credit card size Single Board Computer optimised for use in embedded projects. Matching a Broadcom Alchemy™ processor with a wide range of peripherals, the AA1100 is ideally suited to many embedded applications.

MIPS – Aurora A1100


High performance, very low power consumption

The Aurora 1100 has been designed using Broadcom’s Alchemy™ processor the Au1100™. The Aurora AA1100 is designed for high performance, low power applications. Its high integration systems-on-a-chip (SOC) CPU is designed for mobile information appliances and PDAs. This concept enables the board to run industry standard operating systems and applications, thereby reducing the development time for the user.

Feature Rich

A LCD interface for TFT, three serial ports, touch screen and keypad interfaces, solid state disks and Compact Flash support are all included on the Aurora 1100. Added to this are Ethernet and USB ports as well as sound (AC97) and a four channel 12 bit A/D converter.

Highly Flexible

The Aurora 1100 is an internet-ready appliance, which has a web browser and server built-in when using Season Design Technology’s pre-configured Windows CE .NET operating system. With its host of I/O functions the Aurora 1100 can be rapidly configured to be a data entry terminal, data logger, messaging system, control system or simply a monitoring unit.

Small Form Factor

The Aurora AA1100 is one of the smallest footprint computers available and its credit card size, low power consumption, high performance and extensive feature list make the Aurora ideal for hand held and portable computing applications.

Reduce Your Time to Market

The LaunchPad application development kit for Aurora 1100 is a complete, ready-to-use embedded computer system, that’s waiting for your application to be placed into the solid state disk. Using the LaunchPad will greatly reduce your development time, so your product will get to market sooner at a fraction of the engineering costs normally associated with this type of project - a definite win-win solution!


  • AMD Au1100 400Mhz RISC SOC
  • 64MB SRAM on board up to 128MB
  • 32MB Flash up to 64MB
  • 512 Bytes of EEPROM
  • Drive STN, TFT LCD at resolution up to 800x600
  • PCMCIA Socket attached via expansion bus
  • Compact Flash Socket
  • 4-wire resistive touch screen controller
  • 10/100 Ethernet Controller
  • Support key matrix 8 rows x14 column
  • 3x RS232 Ports
  • 2x USB 1.1 host and 1xUSB1.1 Client
  • 4x 12-bit ADC
  • Mono Mic Input and Stereo Output
  • Watchdog circuit to restart module if required

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