Commercial / Industrial

Due to the nature of these market sectors, commercial and industrial products require a distinct set of skills, which Season Design Technology, as part of Season Group, is uniquely capable of offering. In general, these products are highly complex electro-mechanical assemblies – an area in which Season Group excels due to our vertically integrated manufacturing solution. Season Group provides expertise in all the parts needed for an electro-mechanical assembly - from plastic injection molded parts, thermoformed parts and wire harness assemblies to printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA).

The complexity of commercial and industrial programs is also driven by the large array of product types, product models and configurations. In essence, the mix of products is very high - with some products being medium/high volume and others being low volume. Season Group’s hybrid manufacturing set-up allows us to easily handle programs of all mixes and volumes. Season Design Technology’s embedded computers are perfect solutions to the high-mix, low volume nature of the commercial/industrial market sectors.