Clean Technology

Season Design Technology, as part of Season Group, is committed to serving companies in the environmental industry to continue the role in improving the world’s living standards. Our strong product realization solutions, from embedded computers and new product development to manufacturing and through to After Market Services (AMS), can allow alternative energy companies to focus on developing technology while leveraging Season Design Technology’s product realization infrastructure.

Our facilities are located near renewable energy “hotspots” enabling Season Group to offer manufacturing solutions and AMS that are close to our customers. Season Group’s vertically integrated manufacturing solutions, from mold making, plastic injection molding, plastic thermoforming, wire harness to printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA) allows us to build alternative energy products that are often highly complex electro-mechanical assemblies.

Season Design Technology, as part of Season Group, can supply to the clean technology industry:
  • Embedded computing solution (x86, ARM, MIPS)
  • Class 10k and 100k clean room plastic injection molded parts
  • Thick gauge thermoformed parts
  • Conformal coated printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA)
  • IP65 compliant electro-mechanical devices capable of withstanding extreme weather for extended period of time
  • Capacitive/resistive touch screen devices
  • Wi-Fi, Zigbee, 3G, GPRS, GPS enabled devices